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Coastal Property Weatherproofing in Dorset

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A proven way to protect your home from the harmful effects of weathering and water damage.

Being an owner of a seaside property is an ultimate ambition for many. What's not to like about the fantastic views all year round?

While a beachfront residence offers the most extraordinary conceivable scenery and quick access to a couple of favourite activities and hobbies, apart from all the positive qualities, owning a home in the coastal area also has some adverse outcomes.

Usually, houses situated along the coasts are especially subject to the harmful effects of the climate.

In this blog article, we will have a closer look at how coastal property weatherproofing can help to defend your home from the effects of the environment.

Protection from the elements by the sea

Coastal Property Weatherproofing

If you possess a house on the coast, you probably recognize how much exposure to seawater you're subjected to.

Seaspray formed by bubbles bursting in those areas where the seawater meets the atmosphere might look good as it rises from the sea, but it may traverse up to 25 kilometres in the distance, carrying salt and floating substances from the sea from which it is made.

Both exterior walls and roofing can end up adversely affected by this phenomenon.

This corrosion can be readily seen in your house's paint or cement-like render, both battered by the wind-driven sodium.

Needless to say, this doesn't look good for your home's appearance. In addition, coastal properties face potential danger from wind-driven rain that seeps into the brickwork and can cause water ingress.

Here comes Coastal Property Weatherproofing, an excellent solution to keep all these environmental elements at bay. Keep reading to find out more.

The Most Effective and Durable Wall Protection for Coastal Homes

Even the finest exterior paint for coastal homes won't last long under the punishing influence of seawater. You might think that traditional cement-based render is a more robust alternative, but unfortunately, it is also prone to corrosion from the salt.

Over time, sea salt will eat through conventional cement-based render, eventually causing it to deteriorate. As with masonry paint, you'll need to refresh your walls to keep the concerns away repeatedly.

So, what Coastal Property Weatherproofing can be used to ensure that the external walls are protected and environmental issues are addressed?

Fortunately, there is an answer. Weatherproof house coatings like SprayCork are the answer as they do not react adversely to salt, so your property exterior won't become discoloured or worn down in the future.

Advantages of SprayCork for Coastal Property Weatherproofing

  • all-natural,

  • maintenance-free,

  • has no reaction to salt,

  • allows walls to breathe,

  • great thermal insulator,

  • prevents water penetration,

  • provides great audio insulation,

  • reduces condensation and dampness,

  • comes with a 25-year guarantee,

  • slows down the deterioration of the masonry materials,

  • can save money on utility bills by keeping your bricks completely dry.

Coastal Property Weatherproofing- Conclusion

Owning a seafront home for many people is their big dream. Homes situated on the British coast are often put in the spotlight for their prevalence. Unfortunately, they get regularly damaged by severe weather conditions.

This is why resistance to salt and water Coastal Property Weatherproofing is in high demand. SprayCork provides both of these qualities, alongside additional insulation and sound deadening.

Are you thinking of Coastal Property Weatherproofing in Dorset?

Why not get in touch with Veramut Ltd, a leading Exterior Wall Coating Company serving the Dorset area and Approved CorkSol Applicator, specializing in protecting coastal homes in Dorset from the harmful effects of weathering and water damage?

Our experts would love to create an aesthetically pleasing weather-resistant wall finish that will last season after season.

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