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Eco-Friendly House Re-Rendering in Ringwood

How a Sustainable Solution Transformed a Home's Exterior

This case study explores the transformation of a property troubled by cracking render and peeling paint, showcasing the power of innovative solutions.

John, a homeowner in Ringwood, was facing a familiar foe – a tired exterior marred by unsightly cracks in the render and peeling paint. This not only compromised the aesthetics of his property but also raised concerns about weatherproofing. Determined to find a lasting solution, John contacted us here at Veramut, a specialist exterior rendering company, to embark on a house re-rendering project focusing on flexible rendering materials and a stunning finish.

Case Study Outline:

  1. Project Overview.

  2. The Challenge.

  3. The Solution.

  4. The Renovation Process.

  5. The Outcome.

  6. Conclusion.

1. House Re-Rendering in Ringwood. Project Overview.

Location: Ringwood, south-west Hampshire, UK.

Date: June 2024

Duration: 2 weeks.

Material: CorkSol spray render, colour: cotton.

2. The Challenge

The existing render on John's property had succumbed to the elements, developing cracks and allowing moisture ingress. This, in turn, led to peeling paint, creating a potentially vulnerable exterior. We needed to provide a long-term render renovation that wouldn't simply mask the problems but genuinely address them.

3. The Solution.

To tackle these issues, we implemented an innovative and sustainable approach using an eco-friendly spray cork render in a subtle Cotton Colour. This choice of material was driven by its remarkable properties, which are particularly suited to addressing the challenges faced by the homeowner.

The spray cork render, known as CorkSol, is a revolutionary product that combines cork's natural resilience with advanced application techniques. This solution offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing it to adapt to the building's natural movements without cracking or peeling. This flexibility ensures that the render remains intact and aesthetically pleasing over time, even as the structure undergoes natural shifts and changes.

Additionally, CorkSol's durability is a standout feature. Unlike traditional renders that may degrade or lose effectiveness, this eco-friendly alternative is designed to withstand the elements and maintain its integrity for years. It is resistant to weathering, UV radiation, and thermal fluctuations, ensuring the house's exterior remains protected and visually appealing.

Moreover, the 25-year warranty that comes with CorkSol provides homeowners with peace of mind, knowing their investment is safeguarded against future issues. This warranty underscores the product's reliability and the manufacturer's confidence in its long-term performance.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly Material

    Made from sustainable cork, the render is environmentally responsible and contributes to a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Flexible and Durable

    The material’s ability to flex with the building's movements prevents cracking and peeling, ensuring a flawless finish.

  • 25-Year Warranty

    An extensive warranty period guarantees long-term protection and value, reinforcing the solution's reliability and effectiveness.

  • Low Maintenance

    The durable and resilient nature of CorkSol means it requires minimal upkeep, saving time and maintenance costs.

4. The Renovation Process.

The house re-render process was methodical and thorough, ensuring every step was carefully executed to guarantee the best results.

  • Power Washing

    The initial step involved thoroughly power washing the exterior walls to remove dirt and debris, creating a clean surface for the new render.

  • Paint Removal

    Any remaining loose or flaking paint was removed to ensure a strong bond between the new render and the wall.

  • Crack Repair

    Existing cracks were expertly repaired to address the underlying cause of the problem and prevent future damage.

  • CorkSol Application

    Finally, the spray cork render was applied in three coats, ensuring a seamless and uniform finish.

5. Eco-Friendly House Re-Rendering in Ringwood. Conclusion.

This case study exemplifies how modern, flexible, eco-friendly materials like CorkSol spray cork can effectively address common issues with traditional renders, providing aesthetic and practical benefits that stand the test of time. The once-tired exterior was transformed into a modern, stylish property boasting a pristine, crack-free finish.

Homeowner’s Testimonial

John was particularly impressed by the professionalism and clear communication throughout the project. He said:

"I heartily recommend you. You have been brilliant from the start. Very good communication. You guys are fantastic, very polite, friendly and couldn't do anymore to help."

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If you're considering a house re-rendering project in Ringwood or the surrounding areas, this case study is a valuable example of the possibilities that await. Contact us at Veramut Ltd today to discuss your project and breathe new life into your Ringwood home.

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