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Conservatory Roof Insulation

Transform your conservatory into a year-round haven with CorkSol coating.

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Conservatory Roof Insulation Solutions with Veramut

Step right into conservatory roof insulation solutions, where expertise meets innovation. We're not just conservatory roof upgrade specialists but your dedicated partners in transforming your conservatory experience. Whether you're sweltering under the summer sun or shivering in the winter chill, if your cherished conservatory falls short of expectations, fear not – relief is within reach, and that's precisely what we excel at here at Veramut Ltd.

CorkSol for Conservatory Roof Upgrade

Expertise and Innovation Combined

But what exactly do we bring to the table?


Here at Veramut Ltd, we offer a transformative experience, not just insulation. It's not just about regulating temperatures; it's about crafting an environment that aligns with your expectations, making your conservatory a haven of comfort throughout the seasons.

No more sweating through the sweltering months or bundling up in blankets during the winter; we're here to restore balance to your conservatory, ensuring it becomes the versatile space you've always envisioned.


CorkSol spray cork is your knight in shining insulation, ready to tackle the discomfort head-on.

This eco-friendly coating is carbon-negative and 100% sustainable, allowing you to relax guilt-free in your revamped conservatory. It's a win for you, your comfort, and the planet.

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Discover the secret to year-round comfort.

Benefits of Choosing CorkSol for Conservatory Roof Insulation

Expertise and Innovation Combined

Choosing CorkSol conservatory roof insulation opens many potential benefits and opportunities. Explore the numerous advantages:

1. Remarkable Energy Savings

Cork's natural ability to insulate against temperature changes implies that applying a CorkSol layer can significantly reduce the heat escaping through walls, potentially by up to 30%. This reduction in heat loss can lead to notable reductions in the cost of heating a home or building, offering a significant advantage over alternative methods.

2. Serenity Beyond Silence

Acoustic insulation is closely associated with thermal insulation in its function and application. A coating known as CorkSol can absorb sound to the extent that it can reduce noise levels by up to 38 decibels (dB). This significant reduction in noise pollution results in a much quieter and more serene living environment for individuals residing in properties close to busy roads.

3. Natural & Sustainable

The method used to obtain cork for our product involves a sustainable harvesting technique that ensures the trees remain alive and continue to grow back. During their regrowth period, these trees actively contribute to an enhanced absorption of CO2 within the forest ecosystem. The remarkable cycle inherent to nature allows for the amount of cork utilised in applying a spray cork coating to an average-sized house in the United Kingdom to counterbalance more than 500 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

4. Ideal for Seaside Properties

Originating from the coastal regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the cork tree has evolved to become highly resistant to salt-filled atmospheres. Due to this inherent resilience, a finishing treatment using CorkSol proves to be an ideal, low-maintenance choice for structures situated along the seashore.

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5. Appreciable Home Value

Transforming your conservatory roof is not just a simple improvement; it's a strategic investment contributing real, measurable financial benefits to your property's worth. Prospective homeowners will undoubtedly recognise and value the deliberate effort and attention to detail that went into designing a multifunctional and energy-conscious living area.

6. Aesthetic Enhancement

Enhance the visual charm and attractiveness of your living space. The innovative CorkSol coatings are designed to encapsulate your conservatory, providing a sleek, contemporary, and cohesive appearance. Furthermore, cork is inherently resistant to the proliferation of algae and fungi, ensuring that the coated surfaces maintain their pristine and clean condition over an extended period.

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Enhance Your Conservatory with Veramut Ltd's Expert Roof Insulation Solutions

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Our skilled experts bring the CorkSol touch to your space, applying the innovative spray coating to create a breathable, weather-resistant haven. Watch as your conservatory transforms into a year-round retreat with optimal temperature control.

Enjoy the Cosiness

Once the CorkSol magic is complete, it's time to reclaim your space! Whether you fancy a peaceful reading nook, a bustling home office, or a cosy spot to unwind – your conservatory is ready for it all.

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