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Is Silicone Wall Rendering Breathable?

The Science Behind Silicone Render's Breathability

Are you considering a stunning makeover with silicone render for your property, but nagging doubts about silicone rendering breathability have you second-guessing? Fear not! In this blog article, we'll delve into the world of silicone rendering and explore whether it lives up to its breathable reputation.

Together, we shall uncover the truth behind its breathability and dispel any misconceptions that may be looming over this innovative rendering technique. So, settle into your comfiest chair, sip your favourite brew, and prepare to be enthralled!

Is Silicone Wall Rendering Breathable? Blog Outline:

1. Introduction.

As more and more people become aware of the importance of healthy living environments, the question of whether silicone wall render is breathable is becoming increasingly important. After all, the materials used in our homes can significantly impact our health and well-being, so it's essential to understand silicone wall render formulation to answer the question about its breathability.

2. Silicone Render Chemical Formula.

Silicone render has been around for over 15 years and is often used as an alternative to traditional cement and lime rendering. It is made from a combination of silicone resin, water, and other additives that give it unique properties.

The chemical formula for silicone render is not a single, specific formula, as it can vary depending on the specific formulation and manufacturer. However, the primary component of silicone render is silicone resin. Silicone resin is a polymer composed of repeating units of siloxane (Si-O) bonds. The general chemical formula for silicone resin can be represented as: [-Si(R)(R')(O)-]n

In this formula, "R" and "R'" represent organic substituents attached to the silicon atoms, which can vary depending on the specific formulation. These substituents can affect the properties of the silicone render, such as flexibility, adhesion, and water repellency.

It's vital to note that silicone render formulations may also contain various additives, such as pigments, fillers, and water-repellency agents, which are not part of the core chemical structure but contribute to the overall properties of the render. The purpose of these additives is to enhance further its specific characteristics and performance aspects.

Since different manufacturers may have their proprietary formulations and trade secrets, the exact chemical composition and ratios of additives can vary.

3. So, what is the truth? Is Silicone Wall Rendering Breathable?

The short answer is yes, silicone wall render is breathable. Unlike traditional cement rendering, which can be dense and impermeable, it allows moisture to pass through. This means that any moisture that does get trapped in the walls can escape, preventing issues with dampness and mould growth.

However, it's essential to note that there are different types of silicone render; some are more breathable than others. Some formulations may be less breathable than others, depending on the additives used and the thickness of the render.

The type of substrate the rendering applies to can also impact its breathability.

So, while silicone render is generally considered breathable, it's essential to consider the specific formulation and application when assessing its breathability.

4. Other Benefits of Silicone Wall Rendering.


When it comes to durability, silicone render truly shines as a long-lasting and resilient choice for exterior wall finishes. Its impressive durability results from several key factors that make it stand out among other rendering options. It exhibits remarkable flexibility, which plays a significant role in its durability.

Buildings naturally expand and contract due to temperature changes and settling, and the flexible nature of silicone render allows it to accommodate these movements without cracking or developing structural issues. This flexibility minimises the risk of cracks, ensuring that the render remains intact and effectively protects the underlying substrate.

Weather Resistance

Silicone render can withstand the elements, whether intense sunlight, heavy rain, freezing temperatures, or high humidity. It forms a protective barrier on the exterior walls, effectively shielding them from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and the damaging effects of UV radiation. This weather resistance ensures that the render maintains its structural integrity and appearance over a prolonged period, even in harsh climates.


Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect of modern construction and building design, and silicone render has proven to be an effective contributor in this area. It positively impacts energy efficiency by enhancing thermal insulation, reducing heat loss, improving air tightness, offering solar reflectivity, providing long-term durability, and incorporating sustainable materials.

Low Maintenance

Silicone render is known for its low maintenance requirements. Once applied correctly, it is highly resistant to dirt, algae, and mould growth. This resistance preserves the render's appearance and prevents the accumulation of harmful substances that could degrade its quality over time. The minimal maintenance it needs makes it a convenient choice for homeowners and ensures that it retains its durability and aesthetic appeal with minimal effort.

Colour Retention

Silicone render excels in colour retention. The pigments used in the product formulations are specially designed to resist fading and discolouration caused by UV radiation. It means that the render's vibrant colour and aesthetic appeal are preserved for a prolonged period, even in environments with high sun exposure. The ability to maintain its colour over time contributes to the render's overall durability and ensures that it continues to enhance the building's exterior aesthetics.


All these factors mentioned above add to the silicone render's impressive longevity. When properly applied and maintained, it can provide reliable protection and visual appeal for several decades. Its durability minimises the need for frequent repairs or replacement, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run. The extended lifespan of silicone render contributes to its sustainability and makes it an excellent investment for homeowners and property owners.


5. Is Silicone Wall Rendering Breathable? Summary.

After an in-depth exploration of silicone wall render and its breathability, we can confidently conclude that it exhibits breathable properties. It's important to note that the breathability of silicone render can vary depending on factors such as the specific formulation, application technique, and the underlying substrate. Proper installation and maintenance also play a crucial role in optimising its breathability.

Therefore, following the manufacturer's guidelines and consulting with professionals is recommended to ensure the best results. While not every silicone render may have the same level of breathability, it strikes an excellent balance between breathability and other desirable characteristics, such as durability, flexibility and colour retention.

The unique composition of silicone render allows for moisture vapour transmission while providing a protective barrier against external elements. Its ability to regulate moisture and promote a healthier indoor environment makes it a compelling choice for property refurbishment projects.

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